YouTube Nation - Independent Artistry
A new way to both express and raise awareness of independent art
Apr 20, 2013
The Craigslist Files #192 - Stocking Your Evil Lair
For aspiring evil geniuses everywhere, the cheap way to prep your lair is Craigslist
Apr 20, 2013
Facebook Phenomenons - Everybody Facebook!
Facebook isn’t just for friends - it’s for famous people too!
Apr 20, 2013
Facebook Phenomenons - Touch of Humanity
In a world that has become massively digital, Facebook can serve as a reminder of the human being
Apr 13, 2013
The Craigslist Files #191 - Love Can Be Weird
More wacky dating ads from people with very interesting fetishes
Apr 13, 2013
YouTube Nation - Video Loops from Hell
Sometimes things are so funny that they deserved to be watched over and over and over and over…
Apr 13, 2013
Facebook Phenomenons - What We All Learn
One post sums it up, the power of Facebook on the masses
Apr 6, 2013
The Craigslist Files #190 - Sound Advice
When friendly folks are all-too-happy to give you some great advice on how Craigslist functions
Apr 4, 2013
Facebook Phenomenons - Some Seriously Weird Stuff
More pictures designed to make you scratch your head and (hopefully) laugh a bit
Mar 23, 2013
YouTube Nation - Hamming it Up
When news reports and people with a little bit of crazy in them come together, funny is made
Mar 23, 2013
The Craigslist Files #189 - Missed Opportunities
When your ad doesn’t fit in, you’re probably out of luck
Mar 23, 2013
YouTube Nation - The Pope Invades!
Nothing is sacred when it comes to YouTube mockery
Mar 16, 2013
The Craigslist Files #188 - Unsanitary
Some things are just foul, whether they’re free or not
Mar 16, 2013
Facebook Phenomenons - Pretty!
If it looks pretty, then spam your friends with it
Mar 9, 2013
The Craigslist Files #187 - Halloween and Magic
Stock up early on all your magical accessories via Craigslist
Mar 9, 2013