YouTube Nation - Cute Animals

YouTube Nation - Cute Animals

You will never get away from them…EVER

My goal with writing this series has been to expose people to things that are funny, interesting and/or educational.  There is so much out there on YouTube that goes overlooked, much of it truly amazing.  For long months I have been avoiding this post that I am about to write, but at last the inevitable time has come.  No matter what you believe, it always comes back to one thing and one thing only - funny animal videos.

Even before YouTube, these crazy beasts managed to snag airtime on major television networks.  Now, through the power of convenience (i.e.: the Internet), any number of cute animal videos can be found.  In fact, if you really wanted to, you could probably fill up a weeks straight without missing a minute, just watching these things.  YouTube has truly become the dark harbinger of people’s pet videos, with every little thing they think cute or wonderful being posted for all-the-world to see.  Luckily, other people with similar addictions compile the best into single videos, saving us the trouble of fishing through piles of overrated recordings.

And so, at long last, here they are. Videos of cute animals doing cute things to make you laugh, cry and occasional twitch or recoil in horror.

First and foremost come the cats.  Their bipolar nature started the whole trend and so they deserve top billing.  Here is nearly eight minutes of cats acting crazy, cute and generally destructive:


Personally, my cat never does anything even remotely as interesting.  The best I can get out of her is an endless meowing as she wakes me up at all hours of the night to let her in, let her out and feed her.

The next contender is man’s best friend.  Dogs don’t get the easy treatment like cats do.  Cute doesn’t cut it for the canine breed.  When people look for good dog videos, they’re looking for some action.  Here are some dogs being hardcore:

Awesome Dogs - Compilation of the best Youtube Dog videos

And finally, a compilation that brings together some cats, some dogs and a variety of other creatures from across the globe.  Warning!  This video contains some very rude monkeys and dogs.  NSFW if you happen to have a boss or coworkers offended by random humping animals.

Compilation of Funny Animal Videos

And now that that is out of my system, I shall return again next week with something (hopefully) a little more intellectually stimulating.  In the meanwhile, try not to get hooked on animal videos.  I have seen what it can do to people… it will devour your spare time and destroy your life.