YouTube Nation - Fan Tribute

YouTube Nation - Fan Tribute

Creative fans paying homage to the things that they love


Most of the time when someone enjoys a television show or a movie, they just watch it a lot, maybe spam their Facebook page with quotes and pictures and perhaps bug people all day long, trying to talk to anyone at all that loves the artwork as much as they do.  But others are more creative in showing their devotion and YouTube combined with the prevalence of video camera technology just makes it easier and easier to put together your own home presentation.

Some choose to remake old properties, either shot-by-shot or with a little bit of creative work thrown in.  Others make tributes to their beloved television shows and movies, taking part in the creative process and expanding upon a story that has already touched them.  Sometimes, these videos are quite amusing and other times they can be closer to train wrecks.  This week I decided that I’d look to the ones that I thought were well made, or at least made with good intentions.

The first of these involves remakes of 10 introductions to television shows.  Some of these you will no doubt recognize, though some may leave you drawing a blank unless you were born in the 80s or happened to catch the reruns.  Most of them are conveniently placed next to the original intros so that you can see the…er, “improvements”.

Top 10 TV show intros remade by fans


The next is a creative project by some fans of the widely popular television show Doctor Who.  They apparently decided to make a fan film detailing one of the Doctor’s adventures.  You probably won’t recognize this particular incarnation of the Doctor, however, as they made no attempts to imitate someone already existing.  In fact, this dude has some seriously wacky hair, even for a Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Mystery of Rorrim


The last one is a true masterpiece of creativity.  One group got together and decided to remake the entire Star Wars Episode IV film.  But they didn’t do it themselves.  Instead, they made it into a creative project that involved hundreds of fans.  Each 15 seconds of film time was handed out to volunteers who then made their own version of the film’s events.  These use many different styles, from live-action to animation to stop-motion, and run the gambit from professional looking to some guy in his backyard with a paper C-3PO mask on his face.  The end result is 2 hours of 15 second clips that make up the entire flick and a seriously fun watch.  If you have the time, check this out.  If you don’t have the time, make the time!  No Star Wars fan should live their life without viewing this work of genius.

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut


So if you love someone else’s work of art, why not create your own to show them how much you care?  Or you could put something together just because you’re bored and happen to have a camera nearby.  Either way, make sure to post it on YouTube so that the whole world can experience your obsession and perhaps get a laugh or two out of it.