YouTube Nation - Exploring Nature

YouTube Nation - Exploring Nature

When you can’t leave home, just watch a video instead!


Pretty much everyone in the world wants to travel somewhere else.  To see the sights of our vast planet seems to be innate to our nature, even as we still enjoy the comforts of our homes.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time, a lot of money and can be potentially dangerous to see all these exotic locations.  Some are so exotic, in fact, that to see them at all is nearly impossible for your average human being.

Luckily for us, other people have already been there and are still going every day.  And now that it’s easy to take video and distribute via channels such as YouTube, people all over the world can enjoy these beautiful locations without leaving the couch.  All it takes is an Internet connection and a little time and you can have yourself a mini-vacation, visiting some of the most remote and inaccessible places on our planet.  It is possible to live vicariously through other people’s actions and see these wonders in a manner better than pictures if not as good as being there in person.

These videos often end up like little mini-episodes of nature shows that you might find on television, though each is unique in that they are put together by people all across the world.  Some are not so good, while others are positively brilliant.  Often they are even cut and edited, bringing you only the highlights so that you don’t have to deal with all the in-between time that is filled with mediocrity.  I’ve put together three that I thought might inspire you a bit.  As you’ll no doubt notice, people have even gone through the trouble of putting nice, relaxing soundtracks to the videos, so you can turn off the lights, sit back with a glass of wine (or a beer, in my case) and just check out these amazing scapes of land, water and more.

The first is a collection of views that show some of the most spectacular mountains, valleys and other natural wonders across the surface of the Earth:

beautiful nature scenery (1080p HD)


Some people want to go a little more exotic and explore places beneath the surface of the oceans and seas of our world.  Not all of us have the time to learn how to scuba dive and take trips to the best locations to practice this sport, so YouTube makes a nice replacement.

Sea Forest / 1080p / Relax


And some places are so far out of reach that there’s no way to get there unless you happen to be one of the few that devotes their entire life to the pursuit.  Space is one such place, and perhaps the most exotic view of Earth in existence.

Planet Earth seen from space (Full HD 1080p) ORIGINAL


So the next time you have the urge to travel but you know that your boss wouldn’t be too happy if you called in sick to work for the next month, check out some videos on YouTube.  There’s so much to see in our amazing world and now more than ever it is easier to see them, even if it’s through the eyes of another.