Shit Happens

Shit Happens

Shit happens. And, as a fair warning: this post isn't a bunch of bullshit- it's horse shit, which is worse.

I was walking in a pasture the other day for reasons I am not yet about to disclose. As I was walking, I avoided a cow pie only to step in a big pile of horse shit. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, but I had on my newest, trendiest, and most expensive cowboy boots. (I guess that's why they call them shit kickers.)

I tried to clean the boots up as best as I could, but since they weren't canvas tennis shoes (which in all honesty I should have been wearing), I couldn't quite get the shit out of them. The heel of my left boot is shit-stained and the smell hasn't quite left the boot yet, creating a stench that is causing me to leave my formerly-favorite boots outside instead of in the house.

So, now I have to spend time and energy doing my specialty- Internet sleuthing- for the shitty job of cleaning up my shitty shoes. If you ask me, the whole thing is plenty crappy.

I know it pales in comparison to many things and I do feel lucky that this is my worst problem (of the day- not the week, month, year, or life), but dealing with shit is not enjoyable.

I mean, it could be worse. I could be like this woman who was on permanent horse shit-detail. The apparent highlight of her day was cleaning up horse shit out of the water bucket, which she explains in great detail in her post.

This writer expressed concern that horse riders should clean up their horse shit on public roads and trails. I am all for it. While I was in a pasture in my new boots and should have been paying better attention to what I was doing, horse shit on the road can pose a bigger problem than dog shit on the road. Wouldn't it be nice to see a mounted police officer cleaning up after his horse's shit for a change?

As for cleaning up the boots themselves, I think I'll try a pet odor spray. I'll make sure to get the extra-strong variety to use.