The Craigslist Files #174 - Pet Lovers

The Craigslist Files #174 - Pet Lovers

The things people do for their pets


Most people love their pets, right?  I mean, why else would they give these little freeloaders a home, providing them with food and water and toys and a place to sleep and all for free?  Some people, however, love their pets way more than others do.  And no, I’m not talking about an intimate act that is illegal in most parts of the country.  I’m referring to pet owners taking extra time and making an extra effort to ensure that their furry friends are well taken care of, regardless of what they need.

If you have some “special” pet needs, there is one place that may be able to help you, and that is, as the title of this post suggests, Craigslist.

This week, I’ve put together a few of the more interesting pet-related Craigslist posts that I could find.  Some are looking for simple things, while others are looking for services more… unique.  And still others are posting simply to let the world know exactly how much they love their lil’ buddy.

The first post is a true pet lover.  He/she loves their dog so much that they’re looking to expand the pet-loving experience by using the potentially world-ending power of controversial science.  Either that or they’re looking to sell off the copies and make a quick buck.


I need a mad scientist to clone a dog. It is the best dog in the universe and there should be 2 or more if it in existence. I have 60 dollars. Thank you. NO FLAKES 
$50 Bonus if you can make it speak English and Japanese.


The next one involves a rabbit that is obviously a bit spoiled.  But I guess if you’re trying to get something for free, you can pretty much let the rabbit do whatever it wants without worrying that it will break your wallet.

wiggles is lookin 4 a loveseat

she ate her others all gone:( 
wiggles has no cash shes just looking for a new chew toy 


This third post is a serious matter, as a man attempts to make a life-changing decision regarding his pet.  His girlfriend seems to have taken a disliking to his dog and demands that it be gone, but the man is cleverer than that.  He comes up with a solution that works for both him and his lovable canine companion.

Girlfriend says, my lab must go

New girlfriend is not a fan of my 8 year old lab, and says i need to make a craigslist add to find him a good here you go honey
Free to good home 
1 jealous nagging dog hating girlfriend 
make an offer or look in the free section if she keeps it up and gets kicked to the curb 


And finally, something a little different.  It’s the touching story of a human being who was brought together with their animal in a random way and just wanted to tell the world about it.  Warning: if you tear up easily you might want to skip this one.

Shadow Kitty - Thank You - m4w

Dear whoever left me "Shadow", 
I work in public accounting and lead a pretty miserable life. We work horrible hours and I have almost no time to do anything else in life. One day (December 1st, 2009) after leaving work at 1am, upon heading to the parking lot, I noticed a box in front of my silver bmw. Scared of what was inside, I imagined it to be either a) a bomb, or b) full of baby kittens. Hesitantly, I gently tapped the box with my foot, nudging it knowing the chance of it being a bomb was pretty low. The box felt light - too light to be a box of kittens. In fact, no one meowed when it shook. So I took an even greater risk and peeked inside. I see a tiny baby kitten sitting inside with an empty water dish, soft pillow and warm blanket. Never having thought I would own a cat, I was about to leave the kitten there for someone else to find. However, it was approximately 35 degrees outside and with no food or water, the kitten would surely struggle through the night. So I placed the large box in my passenger seat and brought the kitten home with me. 
The tiniest cat I have ever seen, she has the softest black fur, sweetest face and gentlest personality. On the box, in a child's handwriting an index card was scotch-taped to the side saying "Cat's home" and written on the box was "Shadow". Whatever the circumstances were, since you packed the box with the water dish, pillow and blanket, I can only imagine how much you wanted her to have a good home. This note is a simple thank you, and letting you know she has a wonderful home now and she has brought so much joy into my miserable life. Things are starting to look up, and I will be making life changes soon and hope to find new employment. As far as I know, an angel left Shadow for me that night. 


So once again Craigslist has proven to us how useful it can be, and this time to both man and beast.  If you happen to have some pet needs that are currently going unaddressed or just want to tell people how freakin’ awesome your pet is, type up something and post it up on CL for all the world to see.  Your animal may not thank you (most of them are, I have found, quite ungrateful creatures), but you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you are a good pet owner.