YouTube Nation - Random Selection of Funny and Cool Stuff

YouTube Nation - Random Selection of Funny and Cool Stuff

Taking a break from making a point - just watch this stuff and be happy, dammit!

I like YouTube way too much.  I mean waaaaayy too much.  I spend hours on the damn site every day, watching playthroughs of all the video games that my wonky computer is too inept to be able to play without horrible lag-and-crash syndrome.  Due to the fact that I already spend so much time there, I have come to rely on it as a source of pretty much everything.  If I want something to make me laugh, want to listen to music, want to watch people playing video games or want to do anything that involves visual or audio stimulation, I tend toward YouTube as my first line of attack.  When you live life this way, you end up finding some cool stuff.  I’ve gathered some of my finds here for you to enjoy.  If you don’t like them, go look for something else already and don’t troll me.

The first video is an “educational” look at the magical effects of water on human beauty.  If only I’d known this in my teenage years, I would have spent plenty more time at the pool, that’s for damn sure.  Try to make it all the way to the end of the video - the pay-off is well worth it (especially if you’re a Firefly fan).

Sexy Pool Party

The following video celebrates the fact that May 4th is, for some weird-ass reason, Star Wars day.  Courtesy of one of my favorite YouTube channels, Geek & Sundry, comes a not-so-in-depth look at the production of a fan film dedicated to Lucas’s famous franchise.  Needless to say, it doesn’t look like it will be winning awards any time soon.

The Most Epic Star Wars Fan Film Of All Time - Presented by Geek & Sundry

Okay, so the next one is a bit of WTF and I seriously don’t know how I even ended up finding this.  At first I thought that someone might be trolling, but it appears to be a genuine sporting event.  Yes, it’s combat juggling and people play it competitively.  They even play the damn thing on EPSN.  It certainly looks crazy enough to require high levels of skill.  I can’t even keep two pins up in the air, let along smack other dudes across the face while juggling three.


And finally, this, just because it’s awesome.  An hour of some old school video game music.  Feel free to play on repeat as you go about your daily tasks.  Gods know that I do.

1 hr of video game music

Yes, it’s so shiny out there in YouTube land.  I often forget myself and become lost for hours.  But when you come up with gems like these, it makes it all worth while.  Who cares if I forgot to go to work today?  Hell, it’s not like my job won’t be there tomorrow when I’ve run out of things I want to watch online (or at least for the moment…).