YouTube Nation - Indie Sci-fi Goodness

YouTube Nation - Indie Sci-fi Goodness

People do it because they can, and now we can watch it

As I’ve stated on numerous occasions already, one of the reasons I really love YouTube is because we, as viewers, get a chance to see some truly amazing things put together by people who might otherwise have no one to show them to.  With the proliferation of powerful software, the ability to make special effects happen is easier than ever, which means that we get better and better low-budget offerings.  Some of these are longer than others, but most of them are fairly short.  After all, even a homemade low-budget video project takes time and money.  I like to compare this phenomenon to the Kickstarter trend, although these people pay for the projects themselves and hope to make a little bit of cash from others watching the films.  Today, I’ve gathered up three science fiction videos that do a great job of making a lot from a little.  Enjoy.

The first is a short piece entitled How to Train Your Robot.  It probably should have been called How NOT to Train Your Robot, though you’ll only understand after you’ve seen it.  Regardless, it takes some basic digital effects and makes a cool short that is pretty entertaining.


Next up, a longer piece put together by creator Dan Gaud called Tonight I Strike.  This is another example of how a few low-budget special effects can be used to enhance what is essentially a group of actors on cheap sets.  The end result - a believable science fiction short that is worth the time it takes to watch (unlike many big-budget flicks these days).


And finally, a short titled Dr. Easy.  This one definitely uses a much larger budget than the previous two.  Of course, these people are actually trying to use this to sell the idea of making a full length adaptation of the book that it’s based on, so they have to go the extra mile.  By far one of the best sci-fi mini-projects I’ve seen in a long time.  I really hope these guys get their wish.

Dr. Easy Short Film (HD) (English & French Subtitles)

Though they can sometimes be hard to track down, if you go fishing enough, you’ll come across others just as creative and well-done as these.  The search is often worth the wait, especially since they are free to watch.  And when you do watch, you’re helping the people that make these films to earn a few pennies and thus encouraging them to continue in their efforts.  Who know?  Maybe a great new director will emerge thanks to the video vault that is the YouTube.