YouTube Nation - Fans Making Dreams

YouTube Nation - Fans Making Dreams

When people can’t have the movie they want, they create something of their own.

There are so many movies coming out these days, but rarely do they seem to live up to our expectations of what is quality entertainment.  With so many sources to pull from - video games, comic books, novels and television shows - it would seem that there would be plenty of great flicks each month, right?  But Hollywood relies way too much on the special effects and brand names without putting any real content behind what they produce. 

Sometimes, devoted fans see this and decide to make their own versions of films, or at least a trailer or two.  On the YouTube these are distributed so that we may all enjoy and wonder about what if things were better in the film world and we could actually get to see films like these. Today, I’ve pulled together a few of the better fan-made movie trailers that I could find.  Check them out and see if you don’t agree that these fans have more insight than most Hollywood producers.

The first trailer belongs to a movie rendition of the video game Bioshock Infinite.  This game is widely considered to be one of the best on the market right now and it would be amazing to bring it to film so that even non-gamers could enjoy the complex story and great characters.  Until that happens, however, fans must dream.  Here is one trailer made for Bioshock Infinite that really shines.  It’s a crazy-eclectic grab of shots from a ton of different flicks.  See if you can recognize them all.

(Fake) Bioshock Infinite movie trailer

Next, a look at a property that has been on the market for years now - Thundercats.  This classic of childhood Saturday morning cartoon fun has been kicked around in Hollywood forever, though no one seems to be able to figure out a way to do it right.  I think the following fan has really hit the nail on the head.  It is, by far, one of the best fan-made trailers I’ve ever seen, especially if you’re a Thundercats fan.  Hell, I’d even keep the casting the same.

Thundercats Movie trailer (fan made)

And finally, a trailer from a movie that already has a trailer - World War Z.  If you’ve read the book and seen the official trailer, you know that you’re likely to be very disappointed when this thing releases.  The following trailer - made before the actual trailer aired - looks to be a little more accurate, ironically enough.  Maybe they should have contacted this guy about the film instead of letting it degenerate into the piece of crap that it’s shaping up to be?

World War Z 2012 Fan-Made Trailer

So there you have it, the works of fans trump the ideas of Hollywood damn near every time.  Hopefully, someone out there with some money will get wise to this and start tapping YouTube as a potential talent source.  And maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a change in the trend of mediocre films and start witnessing a revolution that ends with movie theaters having a decent selection of flicks to offer us for our $12.