Facebook Phenomenons - So Very Wrong

Facebook Phenomenons - So Very Wrong

Some things are just not appropriate for human mental consumption

Most of what leaks through in your typical Facebook feed is really little more than spam.  People post pictures of what they happen to be eating at the time, news sources send you the latest rumors or widely available updates, friends bombard you with the latest shots of their ugly little children.  But sometimes something comes to you that has a chance of leaving you scarred for life.  Whether this be because it destroys or corrupts a childhood memory, or because it’s an announcement of something so foul that you want to scream loudly to get the knowledge of it free from your brain, it all amounts to the same thing - you shouldn’t have looked.  One of the famous Internet sayings is that some things can not be unseen.  Today I hope to prove that.  Enjoy the following offerings and know that I warned you ahead of time.

The first is a simple picture, but it is horrible.  To those of us whom Pokémon was an integral piece of our childhood, the following picture is wrong in so many ways.

The next is yet another picture.  This one involves some poor dog that has become the victim of its fanboy owners.  You may think this one to be cute, but really think for a moment - does this dog identify with Chewbacca in any way?  What happens if for some reason the poor canine gets dragged into an intergalactic civil war?  Yeah, not so funny then, is it?

For my third act, I present a piece of news that should be disturbing to any right-minded individual.  Scream, of all the movies out there, is getting its own TV series.  How they plan on doing this, only God knows.  But the true evidence of how atrocious this is going to be is in where it will be aired - MTV.  The former music television station has since moved on to reality shows and booty-parties.  Now they want to corrupt a franchise.  Click here for the bad news.

And fourth, something wrong but not deadly to the eyes.  This is a video of a mouse.  A mouse that seems to have no concept of how his exercise wheel works.  It’s actually kinda funny.  All praise the mouse that refuses to work within the system!

Mouse """uses""" wheel

Now, the final entry.  This is something so foul that I’ve only included a link to it instead of posting the actual picture here.  I will not go too far into detail, but let’s just say it involves The Hulk, Katy Perry and a load of sticky green goo.  Click >here< to lose some sleep.


You may have come out of this assault unscathed, but you won’t always be so lucky.  Inevitably, there will be something that comes around to makes you cringe.  It is the nature of Facebook, after all, that everything that people can think of will eventually make its way there.  Until that time comes, enjoy your nightmareless sleep.