Facebook Phenomenons - Seeing the Future

Facebook Phenomenons - Seeing the Future

Using Facebook to keep up on all the crazy stuff going on in the world today

Yet another advantage to being plugged in to Facebook all day, every day is that your feed, via subscriptions or friends, often keeps you up-to-date on some of the latest technological developments of our time.  Once, you’d only hear of these things through friends or, if you happened to believe in that old-school medium of paper, via magazines.  Sometimes the newspaper might help, but rarely did it relate the biggest and the best.  Thankfully, Facebook has cured that ill.  Now, thanks to the marvels of modern technology, I can find out what the marvels of future technology look like.  I’ve selected a few of the more interesting ones to share with you today.

The first amazing invention involves the continued development of 3D printer technology.  They’ve now gone from using the device to print useable organic parts to mixing in some non-organic elements, creating the first steps toward a better and brighter cyborg-ruled world.  This article from Discovery talks about the merging of a printed ear and some electronic additions that make it even cooler.  The article comes to you courtesy of the truly spectacular and informative FB feed of “I fucking love science.”

The next piece of crazy technology also comes to us due to the magic of 3D printing.  This time around, someone has merged a few different technologies to do something remarkable.  He apparently samples people’s DNA, deciphers them using a computer and then feeds the data into the printer to create a replica of what the individual’s face might look like.  Sounds like the future of forensic analysis to me, assuming they’re not already doing it, that is.

And the last entry is not so much the future as it is a sign of the times.  The Chinese may have a slight obsession with the male dangly bits, as they’ve just built a new headquarters for one of their newspapers and it looks like none-other-than a giant penis.  Well, I guess if you have the architectural know-how to build it, you have no reason not to (other than good taste?).  Let’s see if China continues the trend and turns their cities into landscapes of male genitalia.

This is just a very small sampling of what Facebook has to offer in the way of information about our changing world.  The more you “like”, the more you’ll receive and thus, the more you’ll know.  So use Facebook for something other than just showing people pictures of what you’re eating at the time.  Use it for something educational for once, please.