Facebook Phenomenons - Momentary Wisdom

Facebook Phenomenons - Momentary Wisdom

When that certain thing pops up at that certain time

In the real world, sometimes, you’ll be a crappy mood for whatever reason and then you meet that random person.  They’re either hanging out on the street, or they happen to be your barista for the day or perhaps they’re even the overly chatty bus driver that usually annoys the living crap out of you.  But for some reason, they’re extra-wise this day.  They have something to say that hits you in the feels and just happens to be the right thing at the right time to turn you around.  Facebook, I insist, is like this random therapy, except it happens all day long.

Whether it be words of wisdom, something that helps you put two and two together or the completion of a thought that you’ve been dwelling on for days, the random words can often switch things up.  Because Facebook is all day, every day, it’s filled with people who want to appear witty, wise, touching or otherwise.  And sometimes they even manage to get it right.  Hell, I’m sure you have more than a few friends on your feed that love to spam out words of wisdom, right?  And while this is generally annoying, sometimes they do indeed get it right.  Here’s a few instances that hit me this week, making me feel like I was loved by some strange, unknown entity who understood my feelings.  Or at least they made me crack a bit of a smile…

My first entry is one of those damn e-cards.  Though mostly rubbish, once in about every 1000 of these you see something that applies to you.  I’m guessing that’s sort of the strategy of making them appealing, actually.  This one in particular makes sense to me, and probably to most people, in general.

The next entry applies to me directly, since I live in the Pacific NW.  Seriously, I came up here to escape the blasted sun, and it still insists on showing up every few days during summer?  Where do I need to go to keep below 75 degrees, Antarctica?

And finally, the truth is out of George R.R. Martin.  Many of you may be Game of Thrones fans, and even those of you that don’t read the books can, after the ‘Red Wedding’ episode, relate to what the rest of us have been thinking for over a decade now.

So when you need some confirmation that your thoughts are not all rubbish, turn to the Facebook.  Someone in your feed will eventually provide something of value, despite weeks of spamming you crap.  And on that day, you shall be grateful.