Facebook Phenomenons - Cool-Ass Videos

Facebook Phenomenons - Cool-Ass Videos

Sometimes it’s worth the time to go hunting those video gems

While my Facebook feed often overwhelms me with all the rubbish that flies through it, cluttering the whole thing up, sometimes there are gems in the rubbish.  It actually pays to go through the hundreds of posts and read the titles of each one, for you will eventually stumble upon something that is awesome.  One thing that I enjoy is the fact that Facebook is a way for people to share great videos that they’ve found.  Of course, the definition of “great” leaves a lot of wiggle room.  Thus, you must spend the time to make that distinction for yourself.  Today, I’ve grabbed up four videos that I came across while wading in the mire of uselessness.  Enjoy.

Skyrim fans unite!  For this first video is an amazing look at someone forging a real, live orcish waraxe!  While the thing may not be practical for chopping vegetables or wood, it’s still one of the coolest looking weapons in the game.  Best of all, the guy who is doing this has a full series that he does called Man at Arms, in which he takes recommendations from his audience on what to forge next.  Check out the series to see such classics as Cloud’s sword from Final Fantasy and other awesome video game treats.

Orcish Battleaxe (Skyrim) - MAN AT ARMS

Next up, a video that came to me courtesy of GeekTyrant, a popular geek-centric news feed.  It’s one of those Supercut things (which I normally avoid like the plague), but it has Johnny Depp in it so it can’t be all bad, right?  I still insist that it could have gone on for another five minutes if the creator had looked hard enough.

Johnny Depp Making Weird Faces - Supercut

Next up, a Ninja Warrior video with a twist.  I’ve always been a fan of the show, though never really tuned into the American version.  Here we have the Las Vegas set of American Ninja Warrior and one ninja who decided to run the course, on camera, with no clothes on.  Of course, it is Vegas so it’s just as likely that the thing was staged, but check it out anyways for a quick laugh.


And last but not least, Geeks are Sexy (yet another geek news site) provided me with this link to an 8-bit interpretation of the movie Anchorman.  Most of the movie isn’t present, of course, because it would be almost two hours long and nobody has that sort of patience.  But many of the best bits are still there.

Anchorman - 8 Bit Cinema!

And now, my dear readers, I must leave you, for the Facebook Phenomenons has come to a close.  I may return, I may not.  But in the meantime, keep your eyes on your social media, for you never know what gems await you if you manage to get past all the crap that inevitably clutters it up.