The Craigslist Files #166 - The Same Across the World

The Craigslist Files #166 - The Same Across the World

Taking a trip to London to see if Craigslist people are the same there as here.

This week I’ve decided that I must find out if the Craigslist posting phenomenon is the same in other places around the world as it is in the United States. In order that I could still speak the same language and actually read the posts, I chose London as the subject of my comparison.  I focused on some subjects that I’ve addressed in previous CLF posts for convenience sake, seeing if the same patterns are present in the London version.

I went into this assuming that there would be some fundamental differences.  I even hoped to find that the idiocy, strangeness and inability for people to post in the right areas were purely an American thing.  As it turns out, we’re not as different as I first thought.  In fact, minus a few minor exceptions, most of Craigslist is about the same.

My first subject was that of sex.  I avoided the more obvious sexual hook-ups sections and went for that ambiguous “Misc Romance” section.  My American findings were that the section is really a “kinky needs” area and that the word “miscellaneous” is more of a description of the types of sexual needs that people have.  London, you are right on track with this one.

Ambidextrous Lady Sought - m4mw - 66

Ladies I would like to join you and your husband for a joint wanking session over your tits. Can you wank hubby and me at the same time and let us both CUM over your tits? (Synchronised CUM a possibility) No other involvement offered or expected. I am a white English male aged 66 6ft tall, slim build, 12 stone with a smooth face, chest, cock and balls.

Yup, about the same sort of kinky crap, though the people requesting it (at least on the men’s side) seem to be a bit older and measure their weight in “stone”.  I guess this perhaps shows that the British are more sexually liberated in their old age?  I have to say, I am curious if they have a different measurement when it comes to their junk as well…

From sex I moved on to, where else, politics.  What I found was that this area was surprisingly silent.  Not even the slightest bit of interesting stuff to report here.  A few complaints, but nothing as intense as the American version.  No screaming lunatics, no massively misspelled posts, no all-caps screaming and no “RE:” insult chains going on for weeks on end.  The same appeared to be the case in the “local news” section.  Almost every single post was an advert for something unrelated to local anything.  Both sections averaged about one post per day instead of a few dozen like we tend toward here in the states.

So what about the “talent” section?  Do the British considered the word “talent” synonymous with “porn job”?  Or are they refined enough to realize that one’s talents do not necessarily have to lie between the legs?  Here is a small sample of what I found:

Topless barmaid wanted for Lake District stag party

Lads required for adult shoots

And then there was this rather odd one:

Need a girl with pretty feet - urgent

I am looking for a girl next door who has pretty flawless feet (preferable white/pale) who does not mind her feet being played with. Just feet, nothing else, no nuidity.

Okay, so they aren’t as refined.  If anything, this section was far worse than even the Los Angeles or San Francisco Craigslist.  I was hard pressed (no pun intended) to find anything in the “talent” area that did not consist of a sexual advert.  Perhaps this is where we learned it from, but we learned the lesson poorly?

Next on the list was the “free stuff” section.  What kind of crap do the British try to unload on Craigslist?  In addition to the usual posts of people getting rid of old rubbish, much the same as in the states, I did find a proliferation of MLM scam ads.  These were cleverly labeled as “free” ways to earn tons of cash.  Go figure.

And so the final judgment…

The British are way hornier than we are and willing to post their needs pretty much anywhere across the breadth of Craigslist.  However, when it comes to discussing things on the CL forums, they appear to have better things to do.  CL must have a reputation over there of being little more than a hook-up site. 

I have to wonder, is this the future of our own Craigslist version?  Will we soon log on and no matter which section we wander into we find kinksters looking for special feet or dual handies?  Only time will tell…

Until next time, use your spell-check and remember to turn the Caps-Lock off when you post.